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Cover My Breakdown

Life is full of unavoidable risks and stresses that are a constant presence as we go about our daily rituals.


Insurance2go offers great value insurance on Mobile Phones, iPhones, Laptops, iPads and Tablets. Customers can insure their Mobile Phone or iPhone for just £5.49 a month. iPads, Tablets and Laptops can be insured from just £4.49 a month.


SwitchedOnInsurance was created with the goal of providing a marking leading customer journey, great products and unrivalled customer service. We provide insurance products for ‘switched on people’. People who have realised mobile phone operators, retailers and device manufacturers are charging too much and providing too little in terms of mobile phone and gadget cover. We are the UK’s Fastest Growing Gadget Insurance brand.

Cover My Pet

We have 3 types of cover to suit your budget as well as your pet’s needs, Including Lifetime cover with up to £10,000 of cover for veterinary fees per year.